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Experince in updating websites

Full disclosure: I’m a plugin author and I love third-party plugins and themes.They really do make the whole Word Press experience far more full-featured.Doing all of that on your live site really leaves your site looking bad for a while.

That said, the majority of well-supported and well-developed plugins and themes would not cause you any trouble whatsoever. Even my own personal site is a custom theme and uses roughly 15 plugins.Actual bugs are resolved, improved coding standards are implemented, and important security features are applied.Basically, when you see a new update notification, you can think “Oh wow!I personally recommend that every Word Press user start learning about development environments by using Desktop Server.It’s a great tool for working on your site on your local desktop or laptop and learning about the process of pushing sites live as well.

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The following is a progressive list of four general methods for updating your website reliably.

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