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Evan taubenfeld avril lavigne dating

From what I know, you can't be a poser unless you're pretending to be something you're not, and I really see her pretending to be anything. I don't think this song is anything special, but my boyfriend and I used to go around all the time whenever someone complicated something singing the first line of the chorus... Obviously, Avril Lavigne is not a "punk rocker" since for one she didn't know who the [email protected]#$ing Sex Pistols were, one of the best punk bands ever, but thats another contraversy in its own right.

yeah she can sing, yeah she kinda, and i mean a big kinda, looks punk, but she does not sing punk and no one can argue otherwise. No FX, Operation ivy, Mx Px, The Clash, Pennywise, blink 182, Sex Pistols, The Exploited, Dead kennedy's etc. Avril Lavigne is just another commerical pop star True to the calculated image comment.

) On the other hand, I use it as an example when I teach poetry to middle school kids why rhyming is not always a good thing!

And then I tell my boyfriend how much I like him in his car (but not on the train). GJ avril Britney from Calabasas, it does matter that she didn't knwo who the Sex Pistols were. Her vocals are obviously modified in the studio, ever heard of a pith bender? I think I lost my last shred of respect for the music industry when they started calling Avril Lavinge and Blink 182 punk!

Tool or Radiohead will help you see what music can sound like.

It does matter if an artist doesn't know what came before her/him.

Now, Carolyn is considered a country artist and Avril isn't.

When I checked my radio dial, I realized the pop station was playing Carolyn's Complicated and the country station was playing Avril's. There are only two kinds of mucis in the world - good and bad. Casie of Denver, CO avril is never ever ever punk shes not hun trust me im guessing im older than you, judging by how niiave you sound on this message board, its pop, popity pop pop pop.

Will someone please give me a link to an article showing me where she has in fact said her music was rock/punk? Hello, I would like to give my opinion to large Avril lavigne contraversy.You say that she seems immature because of her sudden stardom, but did any other instant hit become less mature as the spotlight hit them? I wouldn't say Avril is A material, but she seems to me, like a building with girders and no panels.Her music is structurally beautiful, because you could add almost anything to make anyone in the alternative genre enjoy it.Shes terrable, horribel, spawn of saten, i lothe her, listen to something good, like system of a down..ac/dc, or my dog farting, they all sound better than her For some reason, "I like you the way you are/when we're driving in your car" cracks me up--either because it's such a terrible forced rhyme or because it's just such a bizarre non sequitir.(Maybe it's not if you're young enough that having a car is considered a virtiuous feature in a consort?

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This song obviously wasn't written by herself; most artists don't even write there own music. She has a good voice; most mainstream music does get 'jazzed up' Reguardless if she wrote the tune; or produced it; I found this song 'refreshingly mature' from a juvenile's stand point. This means she knows absolutely nothing about punk rock and strippes her of any credit as a punk rocker. her last few singles have had the stupidest lyrics i've ever heard! Johny Ramone must be rolling in his dear Maynard, is there no justice?