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VH1’s “Scared Famous” brings some of our favorite reality tv stars from the past and present together to compete for worthy causes.

The 28-year-old beauty made headlines winning the third cycle of the competition as a 5-foot-7 model. The model was previously engaged to actor, Lance Gross.

So Crystal [Renay] calls him, the red, white and blue." You can see Eva talk about her new boyfriend at the mark: Marcille had a nasty split with Kevin Mc Call back in 2015, with the couple battling over the parenting of their little girl.

The reality star even filed a restraining order against Mc Call after he allegedly showed violent behavior.

And seeing as how he’s not allowed to be around his own daughter, this is more than just rumor and hearsay.

As old, southern folks say, ‘A hit dog shole will holler.” It’s time for Kevin to return to that bridge he crawled out from under.

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Drita is competing for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Safaree is competing for Children of Jamaica to benefit children living with AIDS in his native island.