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An ideal solution, in my opinion, would be a preference in Entourage that would allow the user to associate categories with i Cal calendars.

In other words, if you categorise an item in Entourage as “Work”, it would show up in the “Work” calendar in i Cal, and so on.

In other words, you only have two choices: either sync all your calendar and to do items, or none at all.

This restriction makes using i Cal and Entourage simultaneously rather uncomfortable; sure, it is very convenient to have a built-in feature in Entourage that allows the user to sync his or her calendar with mobile devices, but at the same time, the current implementation is quite rough around the edges and does not allow for any subtleties.

Such an implementation of Sync Services does not seem to be impossible, but in order to get Microsoft to look into this solution, we will need to get as many users as possible to complain about the current implementation by clicking on “Send Feedback on Entourage” inside Entourage’s Help menu and suggesting alternatives, such as the one mentioned above.

If you don’t have an Exchange account, you’ll find there is no calendar sync available for syncing your calendar events to i Cal or i Phone. Andy Ruff, Lead Program Manager for Outlook explained why calendar sync was delayed on the Outlook forum.

The advantage to multiple calendars is that you can have separate work/home calendars, and keep all of the information separate on the calendar of your choosing. Well, you can highlight Calendar and select Import, but no matter what you do, you’ll never find a way to get the . I never would have figured this out on my own and thanks to Google I stumbled on this link while searching for “import ics to entourage”.Mac BU released its Office 12.1.3 updater last Tuesday and by October 16 nearly two dozen users in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup were beginning to report that they are unable to send meeting invitations.The specific error message is Unexpected data was encountered with Error: -17997.Also, Apple is rumored to be rolling out push e-mail on .Mac next month, too, so who knows what will happen with Mail and i Cal on Leopard by then?

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Out of the box the i Phone is supposed to sync effortlessly with Entourage.