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Dream dating girl you like

Every girl fantasizes about the perfect date, but what guys don’t know is that they can be perfectly happy with simple acts of thoughtfulness instead.

The only problem is that some guys can’t seem to live up to even the lowest of expectations.

[Read: 18 things to avoid on the first date] #5 They want to know that you like them. You can’t just go out thinking that you can provide the things on this list with your wit and charm.

You need to shell out or at least give the impression that you made a tremendous effort to impress your girl. Before you decide to take her out to a nice, romantic restaurant because it’s easy, stop for a second and think about whether it’s really what she wants. You don’t have to pull out all the stops and charter a jet to Paris just to impress her. She might prefer a different setting or a different food group.

” The most generic answer you can hope for is: A nice dinner at a restaurant, followed by a moon-lit walk along the beach and a perfect good-night kiss. But most men are financially or geographically unqualified to provide it. A lot, if you design your next date based on this feature. Before you decide where to take your girl and what to do with her, you have to know what it is she’s generally expecting from a date.Just being there for her and spending time with her is all she needs to have the perfect date that every girl wishes for.Most women have at least one dream date they hope to have fulfilled. We drop hints, hope against hope, and then sometimes lose hope.It’s all about timing and having the tact to express yourself without offending your date. You can still be yourself, but the least you can do is show your date that you made an effort to look good for her. Your date will appreciate the effort you made, once she realizes that you took the time to do something unique and quirky for her very first date with you. It’s simply an expression of the growing affection that you are feeling for each other. All they’re asking for is a little time and effort from the guy they like.#7 The “move.” Remember in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love when Ryan Gosling told Emma Stone that he used a scene from Dirty Dancing to seal the deal with the women he dated? But since you’re not Ryan Gosling, you should develop your own set of moves for your date. [Read: 14 deadly signs you’re ruining your first date] If it’s not too much trouble on your part, take her out and make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

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Afterward, we would meet up with a group of close friends at a brewery or a local beer garden.” —Tommy, 27If your guy is more the active, social type, combining activities and friends is a great idea.