Does online dating have a stigma

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But American research has suggested women with ‘high density’ breasts should be screened annually instead.

Researchers from the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modelling Network, in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, studied the effectiveness of screening on women aged between 50 and 74, who had different risk levels and breast density.But if you’re anything like me, it’s not until you find yourself at your doctor’s, somewhat at the end of your tether, feeling utterly exhausted and wretched but not entirely sure why, that the realisation finally dawns: you’re not ill, you’re menopausal.Everyone takes the news differently, but I took it quite hard.But the results of a blood test put paid to that idea — that particular train had long left the station.There is never a good time to be told that you’re a spent force.

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