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Dating women from mauritania

Lam notes, however, that to date, only one slaveholder has been conclusively prosecuted for owning slaves, in November 2011, after two boys - aged 10 and 12 - escaped confinement and turned to the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (the IRA).The IRA directed the boys to SOS Esclaves, who took the case to court, and the two boys were able to testify against the man who had held them.I soon discovered the woman I was looking for: Salimata Lam.The backbone of anti-slavery Lam is a slim woman of average height and elegant movement.A handful of other cases have been brought to court and charged with lesser crimes, such as exploiting a minor or kidnapping, but not one of them has seen any jail time - which stands in stark contrast to some of the anti-slavery activists.According to Lam, she and her colleagues are often followed by Mauritanian government operatives.

And when the taxi driver asks a probing question about my obvious foreignness, she tells him that I am her petit soeur - little sister - and, having thus graciously dismissed him, begins to explain the city of Nouakchott.

That appeal has never taken place, though Anti-Slavery International is part of a coalition that plans to take the case to regional court.

The boys are now under the care of SOS Esclaves, although their mother remains a slave.

And in November 2014, three anti-slavery activists - Biram Dah Abeid, Brahim Bilal Ramdane, and Dijby Sow - were convicted of "membership in an unrecognised organisation, taking part in an unauthorised assembly, failing to comply with police orders, and resisting arrest".

It is not the first time such high-profile activists have been arrested in a country with a history of detaining and intimidating anti-slavery campaigners.

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