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Dating policy manager subordiante company dating

If you know the warning signs to look for, you can spot employees who are thinking about quitting before they’ve even made up their minds.Employees have personal lives too – which is something no boss should ever forget.And that’s not even taking into account the financial impact of turnover and training costs!The bottom line is that you should try to keep good employees whenever you can.If your employees begin to “give up” on their job, it will manifest itself in many ways – but the most noticeable will be in their attitudes and work ethic.If you notice a formerly chipper and productive member of your staff no longer engages with you or other employees, no longer provides spontaneous input, and lets his or her work quality slip, there’s a good chance this employee is sliding down the slippery slope into apathy.Let’s face it – the hiring process can be a nightmare.It’s an incredibly time-consuming task and there’s no guarantee that you won’t wind up getting burned after hiring a new employee.

If your employee is actively engaged in job seeking, they’re likely using company time to do it.

The balance between work and personal life is beginning to tip.

If you spot this behavior and do nothing about it, it will likely progress into other behaviors such as acting out, speaking out or “giving up.” However, by engaging with the employee and asking for input, you may be able to figure out a way to change their minds.

Sometimes this apathy can be brought on by personal stress, but sometimes it’s brought on by a change at the company or even a change in the employee’s expectations.

It may be a good idea to give these types of employee something new to do.

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