Dating oneida wm rogers silversmith

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Dating oneida wm rogers silversmith

Rogers will notice that most of the products that the company manufactures are quadruple-plated silver, which really just means it is silver plated. By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.Whenever Oneida flatware, china, or crystal graces one's table, the awe inspiring effect created from this classic product is nothing short of breathtaking.The story of Oneida silverware begins over 150 years ago when John Humphrey Noyes founded the "Oneida Community" in upstate New York in 1848. This company was founded by Edmund Porter and LB West, who moved the manufacturing operations to Taunton, Massachusetts. If the “Sterling” stamp cannot be found, then this means the piece is not as valuable as a silver one. Rogers Silver Company was a silversmith company based in Shelburne, Massachusetts and founded in 1883. Products that are made of silver have “Sterling” stamped on them. Rogers pieces, such as the butter dish seen in the image, generally sell for - 50 through online auction sites, prices elsewhere may vary. Rogers partnered with other silversmiths at times, and his company and trademarks were eventually taken over by larger companies.

Oneida Limited was not formed until 1880, but the roots of the company date to 1848, when a religious commune called the Oneida Community was founded by John Humphrey Noyes in Oneida, New York.

Constructing an enormous factory and estate, the Oneida "community" flourished in upstate New York and was utterly self-sufficient.

Women bore the same duties as the men, and all had varying responsibilities from day to day.

To make ends meet, the members of the sect canned fruits and vegetables, manufactured animal traps, and made steel flatware blanks, which were sold to Meridian Britannia Company for silverplating.

The best book available for silver plate pattern identification is called "Silverplated Flatware - An Identification and Value Guide" by Tere Hagan.

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After the partners West and Porter retired, they sold their business and the new owners went back to using F. Throughout the years, the company used different marks.