Dating old bottles uk

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Dating old bottles uk

Plastic from bottles is said to be responsible for one third of all the plastic ending up on beaches and in the sea.There it acts as a magnet for toxins, it is eaten by fish and shellfish and ends up on the nation's dinner plates.

Video taken underwater near Xiaoliuqiu Island on the south coast of Taiwan, sees a diver tirelessly picking up discarded plastic bottles in an effort to clean up the polluted water.

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The study will fuel the momentum for the introduction of a bottle deposit scheme, similar to ones that operate in Germany, much of Scandinavia and parts of Canada, the USA and Australia.

The Mail has campaigned for a crackdown on the tide of plastic bottles polluting Britain's streets, countryside and seas Coca-Cola recently announced it is willing support a deposit and refund scheme in the UK as part of its efforts to dramatically increase the amount of recycled plastic used in its bottles from 25per cent to 50per cent.

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Underwater photographer and student Huai Su captured the video last month and said he was: 'sad at how selfish humans are'.