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I also welcome adding directly imaged exoplanets, since this can add useful informations in color-magnitude diagrams.

The goal of this page is to include a number of experts throughout the brown dwarfs community that will curate the list directly on Google Drive, which will automatically be updated here.

After the 1998–99 season, Gagné graduated to the pro ranks, and the Remparts retired Gagné's #12 jersey during a ceremony early on in the 1999–2000 season.

The list thus contains mainly brown dwarfs, but also a few low-mass stars and planetary companions.We're a friendly group of players who play games from Cosmic Encounter and Twilight Imperium III to Jaipur and Targi, 'en passant' by pretty much anything else on Board Game Geek.This page contains a list of all spectroscopically confirmed ultracool objects up to date. I adore playing and learning sophisticated board games. Playing cards board games and other games too · Party & Board Games · Game Night · Cooperative Board Games · Card Games · Euro Games · Strategy Games · Board Games · tabletop board games · Board Games, Playing Cards · Strategy Board Games · Board game Come play modern designer board games with other passionate players in Montreal! J'adore jouer des jeux de sociétés sophistiqués, je ne gagne pas souvent mais ce n'est pas grave.

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; born February 29, 1980) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey left winger.