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Watch out too for con merchants and petty officials itching to find a ruse to part you from some dollars.

The regular ferry service between Freetown and Conakry has long been out of action, although there are occasionally hopeful rumours of it starting up again.

There’s also a pair of decidedly remotecrossings in Kailahun district, either at Baidu, near Koindu, or Dawa, near Buedu, from where it’s 17km and 25km onwards to the Liberian town of Foya, respectively, on rough roads all the way through.

In general, the main border posts are well signposted, directions are clear, and officials are polite and prompt.

No casual encounter here; this is a full-on formal date.

‘We actually had a great experience riding into Sierra Leone and had nothing but praise about our trip and the fact that we are Australians,’ says Amy, one of the riders.

‘We even got a police escort through some parts of town!

Sierra Leone’s airport, Lungi International, isn’t actually in Freetown, but in fact on the opposite side of the water in Lungi.

Several international airlines pulled their Freetown routes during the Ebola crisis and not all of them had returned at the time of writing.

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