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Dating flamma chat

All English-speaking patients aged 13 to 21 years were approached for study participation once they were placed in private examination rooms and clearance was obtained from medical care providers, to ensure that patients were medically appropriate for participation (eg, nonemergent care, normal mental status, adequately controlled pain).

Research assistants (RAs), who were educated about TDV and trained in survey data collection through a full-day training session run by the study's principal investigator (B. C.) and the hospital's domestic violence program coordinator (Joanne Timmons, MPH), introduced the study to adolescent patients and to any parents or guardians of patients younger than 18 years if present.

Ineligible subjects and those unwilling to be screened or participate were thanked for their time.

Any other accompanying individuals were asked to leave prior to introduction of the study.

The project was described as a study of health and violence among adolescents, and not of TDV, to reduce the likelihood that the RAs would communicate the nature of the study in a way that could potentially endanger a participant.

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