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Top 10 Bachelors Best known for his role in 300, the Scottish actor and all-round Hollywood hunk has kept his love life discreet in recent years and is currently single.

Taylor Lautner Twilight star Taylor Lautner has been linked to a number of Hollywood starlets, including fellow singleton Taylor Swift.

The app’s facial recognition technology works pretty well – well enough that when you try one of the suggested celebrities like Kanye West or Jennifer Lawrence, the first few matches are inevitably the same celeb (some people use celeb pics on their dating profiles, apparently).

And while the rest may not look EXACTLY like the celebrity, they’re also…not totally wrong.

However, with rumours circulating that Miranda is dating Australia’s richest man, it appears she may not be single for very long.

Emma Watson Ashley Greene Twilight star Ashley Greene has been very much career-focused and is currently busy filming.

Image Source With the festive season coming up, talk will surely turn to who will be kissing who under the mistletoe.and in January 2017 the app launched a feature entitled "Work" that allowed members to collaborate on work related projects.The app asks members to apply and log in with their Instagram account causing many members to conjecture if admittance is determined by the applicant's Instagram influence and how many active Raya members follow them.(wouldn’t specify every site its app references.)The result is slightly terrifying, kind of fun, and most of all a very cynical approach to helping people find romantic partners.However, the dating apps that depends on for its search results are not so amused, and say the app is violating their terms.

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Scarlett Johansson Following her marriage split, the stunning actress has been embracing singledom in all its glory.

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