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Dating a married man forum

If he didn't want this kid he would've wrapped his Willy and you would've took plan B. Since he doesn't want to be part of the baby's life will you have other supporters? they both knew what could possibly happen & it did!

Can someone help you while you still go to college. but now that you made your bed :/ you have to think hard. They need to take full responsibility for their actions and go from there ..

I order his food (one Belgium waffle on the soft side, a plate of crispy bacon) and he orders mine (a short stack, no butter, a bowl of fruit, a side of extra crispy bacon). And the casual friendship-with-benefits morphed into a caring, loving relationship. They didn’t know what was going on; all they knew was my seemingly unnecessary depression.

We sit, together in our love, relishing every second. You would think after three years of dating a married man, I would be used to this. I could see the aurora dancing in his eyes when he saw me, and he could see the sparkle in mine. I didn’t expect to miss him when we weren’t together, I didn’t expect to become so attached to his children that they felt like family, and I definitely didn’t expect to fall in love. What I thought could be something simple ended up being a stressor. Our time together was constantly cut short so his wife wouldn’t find out. I trudged back and forth to work amid discussions of counseling, tentative hugs and attempts at forcing me to eat. The only thing worse than bearing that heavy a weight alone is carrying it yourself.

It reassured me someone went through the same things I did, that I wasn’t alone in my torture. I told him, “I won’t come to any different conclusion.

But even through the music, I could feel things starting to fall apart.

It's time to let him go, you most likely knew that by getting into a relationship with a married man that you'd eventually come to this point where you stay or go. He can't tell you to get an abortion when he's the one who got you pregnant. The only person you need to worry about hurting is you. That's a life inside you, a heart beat you can do it honey best of luck to you.

Don't ever let anyone talk you into getting rid of your baby.

But you come before anyone else and you have to do what makes YOU happy. If you don't want to hurt anyone else, don't tell him if you keep the baby. I think you should have your baby when you and the married man slept together you both knew the consequences it's time now to take responsibility dont do an abortion because he tells you to you have to do what you feel and think is right because you will regret it later if you do an abortion just because he says the baby will ruin his life his family yata yata yata he already ruined his own family when he decided to cheat on his wife so please dont think the baby will ruin his life his life and family is already ruined from his own decision to cheat please do what YOU think and feel in your heart is right without his opinions in it A baby is a blessing if you chose not to have the baby you will regret it later. He should of thought about his life being ruined when he started cheating on his wife behind her back and the consequences that come with it.

You can't worry about hurting other people, you have to worry about yourself. You are very much capable of taking care of this baby by yourself. If I were you I would just have the baby and ignore him completely for being a jerk and just thinking about himself.

A car pulls up outside and warrants his cursory glance. The couple in the car comes inside and he follows their every move. He stares for a moment, then snatches his hands back from the table. But it still stings just as much as the first time we ran into a relative of his and I had to “hide behind the oranges” in the grocery store. We knew each other inside and out, our lives so intertwined we were hard to tell apart. 7 GIANT Clues Your Relationship Is Doomed But I didn’t count on the pitfalls of this type of relationship. I was jealous and angry and crazily in love, and at times, so hurt I could barely stand. He would tell me grand stories about how we’d be together full-time someday. A small part of me believed him, but the rest of me knew better. We had such an intense connection that I was convinced living without him would be so much worse than enduring the agony of sharing my man. Our love for each other stayed strong, but the relationship had collapsed.

The divot in his ring finger catches the light, reminding me of the torture I so often hide when we’re together. Like most everything else in my life, our relationship became punctuated by song lyrics I felt described our situation. I knew what I had to do, as much as I tried to ignore it. The chill had left the air and incoming Spring filled me with the power and motivation to do the hardest thing I knew I needed to do. We spoke sparingly over the next few days and it eventually faded to no communication.

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