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Of course, as humans we all depend on others to some degree for certain needs. But a person infected with the un-life will be excessively dependent on the other person to meet most of his or her needs and provide a sense of identity and significance. Depression and Loneliness Feelings of depression and loneliness are the number one complaint of people who buy into the notion that someone else can make them happy.

The desire to spend time with friends, get involved in the community, or serve at church and form other vital social relationships has vanished.

Getting grouped is all about developing healthy relationships.

It is being involved with others beyond superficiality. Do you have people in your life who encourage you and, when necessary, graciously confront you?

Anticipating plans for a fun night out, you eagerly answer in your sweetest voice, "Hello? Thousands of people make bad relationship choices and end up with a lot of unnecessary pain because they ignore this first and foundational dating step: Get a life! There is a huge difference between filling your life with busyness and filling your life with meaning.

" "Um, hey." He doesn't sound nearly as excited to be talking to you. THE UN-LIFE You may be thinking at this point, But I have a life! People who are living the un-life have one thing in common: they have put their lives on hold.

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It's okay to have some silence and solitude-everyone needs that now and again-but healthy, "have-a-life" people are engaged with living and forming relationships with others.