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Conversation techniques dating

Our genomic research has revealed that significant demographic changes did not occur until some 10,000 years ago.

In recent years it has been suggested there are very few good dates for the extinction of megafauna.

We found numerous specimens, but these were often isolated bones sitting on eroded surfaces.

But one specimen found a few decades before our search did provide an excellent dating opportunity.

We can get age estimates on these fossils using uranium series (U-series) dating, but they only represent minimum age estimates.

If we can find fossils still encased within their original sediments, then we can date the age of the sand grains using a technique called optically stimulated luminescence dating (OSL for short).

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Our new research, published in the latest Quaternary Science Reviews journal, shows that early humans to Australian lived alongside some of the megafauna for many thousands of years before the animals became extinct.

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