Consolidating windows domains dating sim game creator

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If you want a single namespace for DFS and have users access files in the other domains, you can do so without DFS and setup trusts.

You will probably want to setup a site-to-site VPN in order to maintain that trust remains in place.

Basically we have one called INTERNAL and one EXTERNAL.

The two servers are not connected to each other in any way.For a small number of users, you could probably just use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer user profiles... I'm making an assumption that these domains are in separate forests since they are not currently connected in any way.even if migrating user profiles isn't even essential to you, it will probably make your end users happier and would be an easy win for you. If you want to do DFS replication, you will not be able to do so across forests.Bottom line, if you don't know enough about AD at this point, you may want to find a good consultant to work with you on all the pros/cons of all the various options and find a solution that works best for you (and do some knowledge transfer along the way).What is the Best way to merge Domains from two different companies, or is the answer to create a new Domain and start a new Forest and to import both Domains?

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You could look at migrating the multiple domains into a single domain (either a new one or into an existing one).