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“Her face is just the wrong color,” thought John Ruetten as he approached the supine figure of his wife on the night of February 24, 1986.

Moments earlier he had pulled up to the couple’s Van Nuys condominium after returning home from work.

The strangers who crowded the couple’s home studied her battered face, its beauty mocked by a bloodied nose and half-closed eyes.Their bedrooms, kitchen, and dinette were on the upper floors, with a short staircase leading down to a carpeted living room.It was on this carpet, in front of the fireplace, that Ruetten discovered Rasmussen, who was wearing her red bathrobe, a camisole, and black panties.And there was a woman named Stephanie Lazarus, a friend, he said, from his student days at UCLA.In 1978, Ruetten, a mechanical engineering major from San Diego, was a tanned athlete who played basketball on an intramural squad; Lazarus, who was studying political science, had made it onto the women’s junior varsity basketball team.

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During the next four years the pair would have sex dozens of times, though Ruetten, who didn’t regard Lazarus as a girlfriend, never told her he was seeing other women.

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