Christian dating for non virgins

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Christian dating for non virgins

What psychologists and scientists are discovering is that when we have intimate contact with another person, our brains have a chemical reaction that causes a bond to seal. The glue still adheres, but then the couple must be ripped apart. As a young woman, I always heard married couples tell one of two stories about sex. PS: To continue this conversation, we’ve pulled out a post from our archives, “If You’ve Ever Thought God Is Anti-Sex.” Check it out tomorrow!SEE ALSO: 10 Things You Should Know about Dating In the context of marriage, this is a beautiful thing. We have never, for a single second, wished we made a different choice. Maybe you’re tempted to believe that God’s sexual standards are impossible; maybe you haven’t wrestled with them yet.No matter what, you’re welcome at my table anytime.

Erin lives on a small farm in the midwest with her husband and kids.They were both Christians, very involved in the church and on the outside seemed happy.I was not shocked when they broke up though, because she had confessed to me their biggest problem: He would not let go of the fact that she was not a virgin.We’ll open up God’s Word together and encourage each other to choose His best (even if it’s a little awkward).Erin Davis is passionate about pointing young women toward God's Truth.

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That list is so long it’s tempting to question if God’s standards for sex are even possible anymore. I don’t tell you that to impress you (more on that in a moment) or even to make you squirm, but because I want you to know that waiting is possible. We didn’t make it to the altar with our virginity intact because we were never tempted (we were!