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(PDF and MP3, .99 USD) The unhelpful phrase, "You'll just know" is often offered when dating couples ask someone they trust if the other person is the right one to marry.To provide a clear answer to the question, we created the course, is a comprehensive guide which will help you know just what your family and friends *really* desire - all based upon their personality types.Going into marriage with similar knowledge, language, statistics, and strategies will pay for itself in joy ten times over the upfront cost of the program.When you're dealing with something important, it's worth paying for.Eric and Heather are very honest, trustworthy, and reasonable people.During these sessions, I have felt extremely exposed and open.Not only did it help prepare both of us for marriage, it helped me grow closer to the Lord and deal with some bitterness which I've been holding as well.

There is great value in your program and it was worth every penny. There is great value in your program and it was worth every penny. There is great value in your program and it was worth every penny. There is great value in your program and it was worth every penny. Eric and Heather exposed parts of our relationship in which we would have never known problems existed until they occurred.

Eric and Heather have helped Justin and I better understand how to communicate in healthy ways, how to relate to one another, how to love one another, how to work through conflict, how to manage our finances, and how to build intimacy in our future marriage.

Justin and I would not be in such a healthy relationship if we had not gone through counseling with Eric and Heather.

I honestly now do not know how people can get married without getting pre-marital counseling.

I urge every couple to invest in counseling before they get married, especially from Eric and Heather.

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No more guessing as to what they want for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special event! (PDF, $12.99 USD) Our time spent with Eric and Heather in pre-engagement counseling (and also continuing to their premarital counseling) was the singlemost beneficial thing that the Lord used to reveal to us that we would be wise and blessed in getting married.

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