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So if Gramps is still looking sprightly, chances are he’s still feeling frisky, too.

Healthy Body = Healthy Sex Drive A 2012 study out of the University of Adelaide found that the drop in testosterone experienced by many men was actually dependent on health factors like depression, weight gain or quitting smoking, rather than age.

Or is it that, as 30-somethings with jobs, children and responsibilities, we simply don’t have the time and freedom to crank one out every time we have a spare five minutes?

According to experts in the fields of human sexuality, it’s not the years that slow you down — it’s the mileage.

“Even if their physiological drive has decreased, if it’s part of their ritual for either reducing stress or adding a momentary pleasure, it’s likely something they place a lot of importance on fulfilling regularly.” If you routinely take a moment to “relax” every morning before you shower, for example, you’ll probably keep doing it out of habit, even if you’re not feeling especially horny.

Why We Start Masturbating in the First Place “Two main factors drive men’s need to masturbate,” says Steve Mc Gough, an associate professor of clinical sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Those factors: Physiology, or the rise and fall of testosterone and hormones in your body; and psychology, or how your brain uses fantasies and stress relief to influence how often you masturbate. “That’s when the hormones really kick in — this is the first factor in causing men to masturbate when they’re young, turning thoughts into fantasies,” Mc Gough explains.

“As hormonal levels shift again in late middle age/early old age, the urge to masturbate may lessen, but often it doesn’t disappear.

If a man is in good health, this desire is often retained throughout much of his lifespan.” Basically, as long as you’re physically active, without any major injuries or disabilities — both physical and mental — your erotic desire will remain steady as you age.

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“If this were true, men and women who have active sex lives would be expected to masturbate less frequently than persons without partners, yet research finds little correlation between frequency of masturbation and frequency of intercourse.” For the masturbator with a strict routine, it seems, even frequent sex with a new partner isn’t enough to derail a schedule once it’s firmly entrenched: If you’re a once-before-going-to-sleep kind of guy, that’s probably going to continue even if you’ve spent all weekend in bed with someone else.