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another exceptional game graphic,storyline,sex scene animation really good detail of motions. you have to make some sort of circles with your mouse fast, moving her ead closer to you and then make the circle to push his pelvis between her boobs, then complete circle by following the first arrow again to get her even closer and repeat again with his pelvis.just one problem hot spot and command difficult to catch and operate. and so on until he automatically fucks her boobs Can`t play. I like how it tells you to stroke her cheek but it doesn`t tell you HOW to do that.Pussoy game always gimme extra sensation, the girls looks and the action is more real comparing to the others game developer...Even sometimes kind hard to find the clue, still pussoy game is great ..Love the graphics but the biggest pain in the ass trying to get pass his wanting to rub his cock against her tits.Tried more than a dozen times and decided the hell with it.

the game is nice but the repeating of action is very long which i really really don`t like.. i just don`t like to much to repeating of actions it get`s boring It is a pity that a good story line and good graphics is totally ruined by an appalling usre interface.At first game seemed fun and entertaining, but it quickly became tedious and frustrating with the weak game controls and pointless movements to move to next scene.Had the controls been not been so annoying this would have been more enjoyable to play. Again, I find some of the scenes pretty laggy and the controls sometimes seem a little off.The story is funny and the scenes are well thought out and you have to think and try different moves to get the end result.Got stuck for a long time in the beginning--it`s not very intuitive that you have to rub the girl`s cheek a couple of times before she`ll deign to drop to her knees.

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