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I primarily ask how and in what ways are women portrayed on Facebook, especially by the post-revolutionary rising Islamist power?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to first offer an overview of the rise of Facebook as a politicized and popularized platform for the communication of ideas in post-revolutionary Tunisia, before I signify the importance of a semiotic analysis of women in this social media context.

These factors were therefore key in the development of Facebook into a vital platform for post-revolutionary socio-political discussions.

This discursive centrality of Facebook, however, raises further speculations about how discussions on this site had mattered, especially when it came to women after the Revolution.

You can see it in her eyes – she is absolutely honest.Tunisia had undergone a major political change in January 2011 marked by the overthrow of a 23 year-old ‘semi-secular’ dictatorship, the emergence of a diverse and pluralistic socio-political landscape, and, most importantly for my research, the transformation of Facebook into a popular and politicized platform.Facebook news was greatly credited for its contribution to the success of the January Revolution.Much has been written about how social media activated rebellion and encouraged people on the streets in the ‘Arab Spring’.However, in Tunisia, Facebook functioned in different ways as a site used deliberately by political and would-be political parties in order to promote their rhetoric.

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I was fascinated, and to a certain extent horrified, by the rapid changes in the representation of ‘woman’ on Facebook.

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