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It was inevitable that the song and video would become massive, and become massive they did, with the song heating up the Hot 100 chart and the video establishing the group as mainstays on MTV for many subsequent (though not quite as memorable) videos to come.Scherzinger would eventually leave the group, and the Dolls' original lineup would disband, but you can still buy her white hoodie from the video on e Bay for .Basically a jerk whose become popular via the mobile app Vine. You know those "Racist," and "Homophobic," vines/tweets he made and apologized for? I've witnessed him picking on too many poor people to count.Without his 12 year old fan base of girls, he'd be just your average bully/jerk/douche in school. The sad part is, he only does it when he's with his posse, his group of friends, like he needs protection because he knows he'll get his ass kicked if he doesn't have them with him. STEAMY EXCERPT: "The need to take her was raging, some fatal drug that stabbed into his veins, speeding up his heartbeat and clouding his mind." There's a bloody war going on between vampires and slayers in New York, and the deadliest of all is Wrath, leader of the vampire's Black Dagger Brotherhood.But his plans for vengeance go awry when he's put in charge of the recently orphaned (and definitely sexy) half-breed daughter of his fellow Brother.STEAMY EXCERPT: "I press my lips to hers, feeling my heart thump in my chest as her breath catches. Your lips were made to kiss mine, your eyes were made to wake up to me looking at you in my bed every morning, and your fucking tongue was made to roll my name off of it.

His lips moved along my jaw, trailing a fiery path to my ear.And every moment I have spent with you since then, you have stolen more and more of me until when you're not with me...' He drew in a breath.'When you are not with me, I am left with nothing but longing for you.'" Cocky Australian wine mogul Jack Mc Lachlan is content to treat girlfriends like they're clients until he meets Laurelyn Prescott, who might even be better at the game than he is. Or, I won’t give it to you." It's World War II in Russia and the young Tatiana meets an enigmatic officer in the Red Army.well, it's on the next generation of girl groups to do what they can to add to it. Derek Burbidge)"Don't Cha" presented the Pussycat Dolls -- a prefab, burlesque-turned-pop outfit, which makes them perhaps the girl group-iest girl group ever -- as a virtually unstoppable army of seduction, with seemingly dozens of sexy, stone-cold members waiting in the wings to pop out at any given moment, jumping on a trampoline or drag racing in a Jeep.And of course, the attack was led by the impossibly alluring head Doll Nicole Scherzinger, wearing a hoodie with the lyrics to the song's coolly evil chorus emblazoned across the top.

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He has no talent at all, yet is another person who is going to become popular and never have to work for anything SIMPLY because people think they're attractive...aka, the Kardashians. FANGIRL: I KNOWWWW, HE' S JUST SO HOT ISN' T HE?!?!?!

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