California disabled dating service dating violence workbook

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California disabled dating service

“So you are saying you don’t believe non-disabled people can date people with disabilities?” I asked a woman who opened a new matchmaking service in town.

After I talked with him, I decided to try and sign up as a client, too.Maybe I could charm her so much that she would take me on as a client for free. Her ads could say, “If I could help this poor slob find love, I can find it for anybody.”With my friend’s help, I upload my profile to the site.I hear nothing back except for a few invites to wine tasting mixer and a square dancing singles night that are sponsored by her company.Looking at the situation from my friends’ perspectives, I can understand why they give me this advice.I think they assume a disabled mate will be able to relate better to someone like me.

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I have seen talk shows where guests are vilified for saying they would never date men in wheelchairs.

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