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Black girl dating french guy

The undertone of his comment was pure, untamed racism.

French, in all his insecurity, decided to out one commenter among the many to publicly degrade, and the fact that she just happened to be a black woman, was no mistake.

But his response to the woman is evidence enough of his ironic anti-blackness.

Let's consider this: French is known in the hip-hop community for making money off the Black culture.

The French society acts hypocritically, when it refuses to show movies from black producers who earn millions from conveying a positive message to the African diaspora through their films.” I know we often get hung up on Tyler Perry’s simplistic, one-dimensional portrayal of African American life but his movies do have positive messages and his very own story of success is a testament to the multi-cultural audience black film producers, directors, and writers can bring to the theater. Much like the expectation that “Think like a Man” would only be half of the success it actually was in its opening weekend, and the New York Times laissez faire approach to a critique, female bloggers at Condemns say the powers that be in France simply can “not understand how a movie with a mainly black cast could actually lead the box-office!

” Perhaps they should look to their American alley for the Blueprint on that .7 million opening weekend success.

Adding insult to injury, French reportedly left his aforementioned "beautiful black queen" wife for a Kardashian, right before dating the ultimate cultural appropriator, Iggy Azalea. Race versus ethnicity debate aside, it ain't right.

Who’s the person checking to make sure there are interracial couples celebrated on screen then? The second piece to this ban is the overarching issue of black cinema as a whole.

I can’t help but think about the recent uproar over the all-black remake of A Streetcar Named Desire and ask, what is it about all-black cinema that’s so threatening anyway?

I feel like the idea is almost like, let’s not give them any ideas.

If they see themselves on film they might start to think they matter, they have talent, they can rise above their current circumstances, they can be equal to white people.

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It was a simple opinion, void of epithets and not directly tagged to the star.

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