Ben rothlisberger dating golfer

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Roethlisberger considers himself an extension of the offensive line, the unit he most needs for success.

Whether it did or didn’t is irrelevant, it’s just the fact that he took that play to heart so much meant a lot to me.” A lot of the work Juju saw was thanks to Martavis Bryant being made inactive for this game and Ben said he talked to Martavis after the game about trying to get him back in the action.

“I will say this too, a lot of Juju’s catches didn’t come at Martavis’ position.

Even when Martavis is playing, Juju works inside a lot too.

“I’m excited, I think he’d going to have a great second half. If we both have great second halves, I think we can be a successful offense.” From Jeremy Fowler, Ask Ben Roethlisberger about Maurkice Pouncey and the ribbing session begins, unprompted. “Sometimes I wish Mike [Pouncey] was here.” All this is said for Pouncey to overhear from his locker, which is two stalls down from Roethlisberger’s corner setup.

“Hey, Mike’s gonna love that s—, too,” Pouncey said.

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The Steelers are tied with New England and Kansas City for the best record in the AFC at the halfway point of the season. It’s so innocent, and I don’t want to say it’s just youthful innocence, but he just really enjoys just going out and playing football.” A big part of Juju’s breakout was the 97-yard touchdown pass he caught and Ben walked us through that play and how it came together.

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