Advice and dating and depression

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Advice and dating and depression

Store owners may also be able to tell you about the pricing of previously sold items.

In addition, you can look at the selection at online antique stores like Ruby Lane, TIAS, and Go Antiques. specializes in antique and difficult-to-find glassware, china, and other items, and they have a huge selection of pink depression glass.

Values from e Bay also tend to be a bit on the low side, but they will give you a very good sense for most items.

Antique stores often stock pink depression glass, and they can be a great pricing resource.

This is an especially good way to find the value of rare pieces. Determining the value of pink depression glass takes a little research, but it can be rewarding.

You may find that you have a very rare piece in a desirable pattern, giving you a gold mine in the shape of soft pink glassware.

No matter what your piece is worth, it's wonderful to learn a bit more about its history and value.

Some condition issues are actually original to the depression glass, which was made quickly and sold for very little when it was first manufactured.

These include raised rough spots, bubbles beneath the glass' surface, and tiny lines called "straw marks." These are shallow mold lines or flaws, but they are not cracks.

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