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Previously, only a single-entry permit to Taiwan was available through the online platform.

Obtaining a visa upon arrival in Taiwan remains an option.

The so-called Single Window System will replace the current hardcopy work permit booklet with a new digital work permit (available as an i OS app), allow applicants to book immigration appointments online, and require fewer supporting documents to be provided in hardcopy.

Service interruptions and technical difficulties may arise and cause delays during the early implementation stages.

Renewal DP and LTVP applications approved or issued before January 1, 2018 will also be assessed on the current criteria, as long as the main pass holder holds a valid work pass with the same employer.

The quotas are imposed on a national, rather than per-company, basis, on long-term B permits and short-term L permits.

While the online process will be longer for the initial work permit and long-term visa applications, foreign employees can begin work on the date their candidate nomination application is approved.

Previously, the salary threshold for dependent sponsorship was OMR 600 per month.While there is no specific ministerial decision in Oman establishing the minimum salary for expatriate employees to be able to sponsor their family members, the Royal Oman Police issue internal rules which provide such a threshold salary in practice.New DP and LTVP applications received before January 1, 2018 will be assessed on the existing criteria.UPDATE As of Wednesday October 4, 2017, the recently enforced requirement to submit police clearance certificates in support of applications for work permits and passes has been suspended until further notice.Effective October 2, 2017, the Kenyan Department of Immigration Services began enforcing a requirement that original police clearance certificates (PCC) must be submitted in support of initial and renewal applications for all work permit and pass types, including Class D work permits, Dependent Passes and Student Passes.

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