1960s dating advice

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1960s dating advice

My current champ is Pastificio Deli (1528 Packer Ave., a mile north of the Wells Fargo Center), where imported meats are carefully layered with sharp provolone and just the right amount of shredded veggies for a zesty signature sandwich with balance and bite.I'm also a fan of the standard Italians at Dan's Fresh Meats (2000 Frankford Ave.) in Fishtown, Shank's Original Pier 40 (901 S.Ninth St.), with extra shakes of salt and some spicy cherry peppers for spark, was the far juicier way to go.

Girard Ave.) for a classic soft-roll steak with American cheese; the 24-hour stand Philip's Steaks (2234 W. in South Philly) for my current composed steak obsession, the "Old Fashion" with grilled tomatoes, long hots, onions, oregano, and provolone.For that super-cushy, warm-baked style, I far prefer Miller's Twist at the Reading Terminal Market.For the sturdier, salt-nubbed rectangular 8's common at local food carts, the Center City Pretzel Co.Try the subtly layered Italian at De Nofa’s (6944-46 Torresdale Ave.), the “Main Event” with marinated artichokes and peppers at Dattilo’s (8000 Horrocks St.), the Italian with olive spread and crumbled sparks of sharp provolone at the original Fink’s Hoagies (4633 Princeton Ave), and the distinctive “Polish hoagie” lined with house-made Krawkowska lunch meat at Robert Lachowicz Quality Foods (2582 Orthodox St.) in Bridesburg.

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I've got straight-up advice on the still-genuine spots that make Philadelphia a one-of-a-kind food destination.

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  1. She then wears a more casual dress with no underwear, and proceeds to flash on a street, and then play at a public water fountain, getting everything wet!

  2. That episode on the street got me thinking about the weird power of first impressions. But that’s an example of a bad case of thin-slicing. For instance, I have a chapter where I talk a lot about what it means for a man to be tall. I think that’s an example of bad rapid cognition: there is something going on in the first few seconds of meeting a tall person which makes us predisposed toward thinking of that person as an effective leader, the same way that the police looked at my hair and decided I resembled a criminal.