19 year old guy dating 26 year old

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Not that I disagree with your answer but using the rule of thumb here may not be the best argument. If she thinks she is in love, but the subject of marriage has not come up, you still have time. If this person is going to join your family, it should be on friendly and welcoming terms.

If the subject of marriage has come up, you can start bargaining of some kind.

The new found love that your daughter has found is fantastically powerful and she is overwhelmed with feelings in so much that nothing else truly matters.

It's like a drug and despite parents, friends, or even common sense whispering behind the scenes 'don't do this'.

You can not tell her to stop seeing her boyfriend, and you should not warn her from her boyfriend only to be able to tell her "I told you so" when/if things go south.

What you can do, depending on your relationship to her, is to share your concerns, while acknowledging that they are irrational.

They can't even answer that question themselves, because for them it's ALWAYS true [email protected] Fattie, I am not a native speaker, but isn't that contradictory to OP: "he must be thinking about starting a family, marriage, etc and her starting out in life." Well -- I feel that it totally contradicts the earlier "I can only think he's with her for one reason! My relationship with my wife lasted 16 years and produced 3 lovely children. However, as MY children reach their teenage years I of course see everything from the perspective as a parent.I think the most important thing to do is not push your daughter away with any shouting matches or 'you are doing the wrong thing' this is what my mother did and although she was doing her best in a difficult situation - the shouting and threats simply pushed me away further.A theoretical 17 year old man could equally, if not more so, be with her for only one reason.Equally, becoming pregnant and having to postpone things such as career isn't age relevant. If the relationship develops, you could express your concerns, though not in a judgemental way - otherwise you could risk damaging your relationship with your daughter and pushing them together. (25/2) 7 = 19.5 in my calculation, which is more than just "slightly over", it's 2 years too young. As others have said, you need to have some serious talks with your daughter.

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I get myself sick with worry in regards to my kids.

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