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1 0n 1 chat

Messages are persistent, sent in real-time, and provide a reliable framework that flows seamlessly between web and mobile devices for your everyday business communication needs.You can initiate either a 1-1 chat with an individual or a group chat with multiple people for a confidential, ad hoc conversation is Socialcast.Every time you hit the "Skip" button, another unknown person will appear on your screen and you will be able to start chatting together.

If 1-on-1 Chat Mode is switched OFF, Keyword Reply Messages will take precedence when the user’s message contains preset keywords.

For example, if you need a quick decision and want to avoid the overhead involved in setting up a meeting, you might send a chat to the decision-makers.

These people could engage in a quick virtual conversation and come to a resolution in a matter of minutes. If you don’t see the 1-1 Chat menu on the left navigation panel, your community administrator will need to turn on the feature.

Chat is a secure and private instant messaging feature within Socialcast that allows you to quickly communicate with another person or a group of people without displaying your messages in the community stream.

Instead, you will see your conversation in your browser window and receive a notification, similar to other instant messaging applications.

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Group chats and multi-person chats are not supported because they may be used to send spam messages to LINE users or to use the service for illegitimate purposes.

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